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Doing a maternity shoot was far from Kent and Gab’s plans in welcoming their very first princess named Olivia Isabelle. So to finally say yes to the idea of having one was somehow spontaneous. But you can’t go wrong with the glowing smiles of the expectant parents. Gab and Kent have been nothing but very very much excited and eager to see Olivia whom they think was happily overstaying inside. Then came the day of the shoot, boy we had a happy camper inside her mommy’s tummy (check Gab’s tummy in one of the pics)! Several hours after the shoot, Olivia finally came out. Truth be told, Olivia just wanted her mom be photographed in her most beautiful state.

~ End ~

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Portrait Workshop

model – kristine dinglasan | speaker – rolly magpayo | site – sm aura premier, taguig

The best things are free so they say. I was able to see a post from Digital Photographer Philippines (DPP) about a portrait workshop in Facebook. The workshop was sponsored by Samsung and what excited me that it was for free! Limited slots were available so what happened next was a scramble to message the DPP page of my intent to join. Fortunately enough, I got in so lucky me! Thanks DPP and Samsung!

I brought my Oly EM5 and the genius in me left the fully charged extra battery and only brought the used one (don’t ask why). I then went to the Samsung Concept Store in the posh SM Aura Premier where Rolly Magpayo was the speaker. The weather was perfect for shooting outdoors so we proceeded to the Sky Park of the mall.

I was only able to take very few shots from the workshop due to the battery dying out on me but these will do. I also learned a lot and I’m excited to try ’em out on our future shoots. We tend to think that there’s always a lot of room for learning and improvement so we don’t pass up on a chance for workshops like these. Not to mention it’s free so it was really a must! Always invest on learning rather than your gears because the most important gear, is yourself.

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